Power Island

May 13, 2014


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The origin of the name is a mystery. The description of Caliban says that it is enslaved deformed savage. More recently, the characteristic that has been emphasized is regarding its slavery. It would be a victim of the colonialismo, also if becoming one he appears emptica for its inferior position. It could symbolize, for some, the Third explored World. – ARIEL, spirit of air.

The island of the Ariel power is in service of Prosperous, it freed that it of the slavery of Sicorax. It represents, according to text the Island of the Power, the freedom. He is cautious, controls its passions. He wants to reach the freedom pleasing and obeying to its Sir. He is rational.

Varinha of Prosperous Ariel is angel of Prosperous, carrasco and executor of its orders. It was considered by the commentators as symbol of the soul, the thought, intelligence, the poetry, air, the electricity, etc. When it wants to become visible, takes harpia, however nymph form however. The island of Prosperous it is an arrest. Ariel watches everything. It is provoking and overseer of a spectacle of which Prosperous he is the director. – ESTFANO, drunk butler. It sees it to Caliban as a god who can give &#039 to it; ' liquor celestial' ' therefore swears allegiance to it. Caliban shows and counts everything to it on the island. The two together with Trnculo plan to hit Prspero and Estfano if it would become the king of the island. – TRNCULO, silly clown or of the cut. – NOBLE They follow the cut. – IRIS, CERES, JUNO, nymphs, goddesses and espritos. They appear at some moments, being the marcante of them engagement of Fernando and Miranda, creating a magical spectacle. – The ISLAND the island of the power Has a tropical aspect varinha of Prosperous Some says that it is in the Mediterranean, others in the Bermuda. Shakespeare has a taste for the fantastic one. Therefore, it is useless to search latitude and longitude in the island of Prosperous. The island is of the time. Summer and winter reign simultaneously. The Prospero island nothing has in common with the fortunate islands of the Renaissance. It does not advance to try to find it knot map. island is a place where the history of the world if uncurls and repeats. The history of the humanity is madness and it represents therefore it in a desert island. It is the representation of the true world, not an utopia. Bibliography: Chaia, Miguel. The island of the power. Available in: Kott, Jan. varinha of Prosperous. Shakespeare, our contemporary. Vaughan, Virginia and Alden. Shakespeare? s Caliban – cultural history. Conclusion. Shakespeare, the storm.