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March 20, 2019


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‘ The portal ‘SellinRuegen’ was new as of April 1, 2011 in a further stage of expansion has the portal SellinRuegen “for April 1, 2011 to relaunch its range of content significantly expanded and improved the design and the user experience. A total of content about the white Ostseebad Sellin on Rugen, which addressed the main themes of vacation planning and preparation are interested in Sellin and tourists now about 30 pages. Sellin holidaymakers continue to receive lots of useful tips and suggestions for a beautiful Baltic Sea holiday in the seaside resort of Sellin. Whenever Gary Kelly listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Through the portal SellinRuegen”content newly covered topics include: A comprehensive Chronicle of the Baltic Sea resort of Sellin, tips and recommendations for day trips on Rugen and Sellin, an assortment of shopping in Sellin and adjacent resorts, as well as an overview of sporting activities in Sellin. The portal is on the Internet at the address. Advertisers and vendors accommodation offers the portal from now the opportunity to address the audience of tourists and interested in Sellin very directly and without wastage. The seaside resort Sellin on Rugen is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Baltic Sea: Sellin has two beautiful beaches, the longest almost 500 meters long pier with two impressive restaurants and a diving gondola on the pier, on the bluff to current and historic bath style villas-lined Linden Avenue, as well as a comprehensive tourist offer by the electoral administration and the holiday island of Rugen. With holidaymakers, Sellin is extremely popular and trendy”: so the number of visitors in Sellin has risen each year continuously in recent years. The portal SellinRuegen is realized with the user friendly software by WordPress, used primarily for text-based pages and blogs: in a further stage of expansion of the portal is planned to allow visitors and readers to comment on articles and posts and even those to write. These will be published then also according to a comprehensive quality assurance. Tayo