Plate Primaplex

May 20, 2020


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The use of plates Primaplex – an effective solution in the case of reconstruction roofs of old housing, and industrial buildings to reduce heat loss. Thermal insulation Thermal insulation foundation of those parts of frame structures, which are in contact with the ground – another important area application Primaplex. For over 30 years of extruded polystyrene insulation is used effectively in the external insulation of walls and floors, which are in contact with the ground. High compressive strength and almost zero water absorption, along with the flexibility and ease of handling on site Primaplex make the best choice. Heat insulation of floors Primaplex used in some designs of floors in office and retail centers, as well as industrial buildings, warehouses and refrigeration facilities. Qualities such as resistance to high compressive loads, the ability to absorb high mechanical stresses in conjunction with the flexibility and good sound-insulating ability, are identify the benefits in favor of material Primaplex. Thermal insulation of walls Due to the high compressive strength and moisture resistance boards xps their use is particularly appropriate in multi-wall construction with insulation vnutri.Plity Primaplex attached to the wall surface of the special adhesive mastic and / or polymeric fasteners having a low thermal conductivity.

The advantage of such a system is very high insulation resistance heat transfer, because in the space between the walls is practically no air convection. The thickness of such wall structure is small. Thanks to the longevity and lack of capillary plates Primaplex, high insulating properties of such a wall structure is maintained throughout the operation period of the building. "Cold bridges" Extruded polystyrene – an excellent choice for the isolation of thermal bridges in the outer walls.