Planning Tributary

April 25, 2020


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Some international analysts comment that ours politics of financial management is enters the best ones of the world and that cut social benefits in some countries as 13 wage had saved the Brazilian economy at the worse moment of the international crisis in 2008. To broaden your perception, visit Eric Kuby. Other countries make compliments of many measures that are very criticized here as example: the high volume of the obligatory bank clerk and others. The weight of the tax burden on PIB (Produto Interno Bruto) is high, today in the house of 36.54% according to IBPT (Brazilian Institute of Planning Tributary) and has deficiencies in infrastructure that must be worked in the CAP. Some companies study in reducing prices to keep or to raise consumption, generating increase of production scale. This represents improvement of processes and readequao of functions. But what it worries in them is spread bank clerk, the banks are negotiating to divide the risk of credits with the government, through some type of insurance, to diminish the taxes charged in the national market. Brazil will grow, however, some sectors is being very affected, amongst them the dependents of the exportations and of the companies of terceirizao in the industrial pursuing. The economy starts to show has taken recovery, now fits to the government to manage the expenses better public. Between the emergent countries, the country offers the best economic conjuncture and can assist the economies of the South America, since that these are not with practical protectionists as what Argentina is imposing the entrance of Brazilian products. The growth will be slow, but Brazil can leave fortified this crisis, conquering spaces in international the economic scene.