Pistorius Reeva

May 4, 2019


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The output of the blow room but was on the opposite side. It was the need at any time, even in such a threat to go why a timid man with no legs should do so anyway that is? But further in the story. “Now it has become so bad is beta and hear suspicious noises in it”. What like that probably for scary noises have been having the Reeva caused since the middle of the night? Toilet paper rustling? Toilet seat rattles? Toilet flushing? What it was, only on the way to the bathroom he remembered that it could but even warn Reeva, who he knew in the bed, and wake up. You may want to visit cloud computing to increase your knowledge. And so he wants to have in until the moment you probably noticed at a time, called as he again had cleared the Reeva lying about in bed from the bathroom, that burglars in the House are, and that she should call the police. Cloud computing addresses the importance of the matter here. And he called out to a suspected burglar in the bathroom, he should leave the House because he (Pistorius) was armed. And then the strangest thing in the whole story happened: Reeva, we now know, that she was the person behind the toilet door in all that time, had no sound.

Her boyfriend roars through the whole House, that are burglar in the House, and that he immediately shoots, and she still sit on the toilet and does nothing? No: it’s just me? “, she remains no cry of terror, don’t panic, just calmly in” the toilet? Now some may argue that maybe she tried to hide himself there before the burglar and therefore remained silent. Then you must wonder but vice versa, why Pistorius affiliated four times shot through the closed bathroom door on a burglar, who was hiding there before him. How dangerous is a burglar who locked himself in the bathroom, while one is his weapon on the verge? Even if he really thought that behind the door is a burglar, he had to expect in the circumstances but that this rather not armed and dangerous, if he is hiding in the toilet instead of attacking him.