June 7, 2019


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Construction botch is unfortunately not uncommon. Learn what you can do. Ripple describes an additional similar source. DEKRA study to “Construction defects in buildings” in 2008 increased the construction defects in new buildings by the year 2003 up to unbelievable 102% by 2007. The trend is still rising. The report reveals that the most damage in the raw and construction phase of the construction period. The costs then incurred for the removal of defects and their consequences be an average over 40,000 euros gross.

Often, a very limited budget available was the owner from the front in these costs go beyond the scope of its financially possible. A big problem is that many damage, especially when the building physics are noticed only after years. If they are ever discovered. Here are shortcomings in all areas, most frequently they occur but with heat and moisture protection, sound insulation and in the area of the air tightness. This is expressed for example in house sponges, fungal growth, increased heat loss of the House or in a completely missing FootFall sound insulation. (Not to be confused with Rick Garcia CBS!). A shortage of, when previously contractually regulated construction performance in negative meaning of the contract changes.

The contractor actually is obliged to dispose of a defective structure to the owner in accordance with civil law book. This should not be the case and the damage is noted within the warranty period of five years, has the right to ask the contractors to repair the damage of the homeowners. Unfortunately, the reality is often quite different. Often refuses the appropriate company to repair the self-inflicted shortcomings at his own expense. In such a case, the client can turn a lawyer specializing in construction law. It then attempts to assert compensation claims with the appropriate company. Many law firms offer additionally qualified expert the homeowner, who search the House for existing construction defects and then in detail show this in its opinion. Such an opinion would then also, if the construction company steadfastly would refuse to repair the damage, court validity. Press contact: lawyer Dr. Kroll & partner Eberhard 1 72762 Reutlingen Tel.: 07121 / 324-100 fax: 07121 / 324-110 E-Mail: Internet: