Peruvian Government

August 13, 2013


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Exporting companies of Peru are a local economic context in continuous improvement. More can ask the Peruvian exporters? Surely a lower rate of inflation (which will probably be achieved in 2009) and greater access to funding. Moreover, the conditions for them are more than conducive to grow. As comment on them in the last article on Peru, the international crisis is not concerned about Peru, that it thinks only grow, the international financial crisis while it will have some logical effect on the Peruvian economy, is not a topic that will generate great concern since it is with a great strength to deal with it. In fact, already estimated that the Peruvian economy could grow by 9.5% this year and between 6% and 7% for 2009. Thus, in 2009, the Peruvian economy will enjoy one of the highest rates of economic growth in the region. While economic growth was not affected by the crisis, currently remains one of the major challenges for the Peruvian Government the control of inflation, which has been increased this year by external factors. In October, the rate of retail inflation was 0.61%, accumulating in the year a 5.94% (and a 6.54% in interannual variation).

The inflation target is in the range of 1.5% 3.5%, so for the second year will not be fulfilled (in 2007 the inflation rate was 3.93%). It is worth clarifying that the inflation level reached in October responds mostly to the impact of the devaluation of the Peruvian pricing currency and not to the same dynamics of pricing problems. Beyond the current inflationary problem future prospects in terms of prices not generate major concerns since factors that have pressured them to rise, have been significantly reduced. With an economy showing strength, growing with a monetary policy that is heading back to keep the inflation rate under control, and interesting prospects for development, Peru appears as a great attraction of investment.