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October 29, 2018


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Foreign investment in Peru is treated and protected as local investment. Institutional and macroeconomic stability afforded by the Peruvian economy, is an asset of great value for investors who can thus, projected with clarity, the potential profitability of investments. With this enhanced security, the minimum return that produces the realization of these projects, is reduced considerably (given the lower risk premium required) and therefore increases the amount of projects that are realized. Not for nothing, the international rating of risk, consider the Peruvian economy as investment grade. The Peruvian Government, looking to have a permanent communication with investors and this is something very valued by them since it gives them security for their decisions. For the President of the National Chamber of Commerce of Peru, Peter Anders is: very successful this campaign, in It is giving to the country in the world and also their investments and projects that are in the portfolio. It seems to us very well, since the conditions are the same for both foreigners and Peruvians. There is no difference in the laws that are in the Peru.

Peru also performs public investment to generate an adequate infrastructure for investment. According to the estimates made by the Peruvian economy Minister, Luis Valdivieso, public investment will reach in the next two years the 43,000 million soles (which represents 13.857 million USD). All these factors explain why the economy of Peru can continue growing at a very good pace in moments in which a financial crisis of great magnitude is lowered on the world economy. And product of the economic growth that is reflected very slowly in a social improvement, one of the sectors that has greatly benefited and which has been growing at a very good pace in the Peruvian economy is the construction sector. Construction activity grew a 19.7% in the month of September in Peru.

This growth of the sector is driven by the growth of demand for works by the private sector reaching a significant role, the development of works related to the construction of shopping malls, condominiums and houses, in a context of access to credit for housing promoted by the State. The public sector also supports the sector through the realization of public works, which ensures stability of the activity. Alan Garcia has already committed to maintain and even increase the public work for the 2009 way to sustain the activity. With very good prospects for growth for the Peruvian economy, the sector of the construction in Peru, awaits an auspicious 2009. While the image of Alan Garcia among the population continues downhill because the achievements that shows the Macroeconomics of Peru are not reflected in the well-being of Peruvians, the country March in the right direction, so inevitably this is reflected in the reduction of poverty indicators and so the economic growth may pay the social debt that has.