Permanent Protect

July 24, 2020


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One of those things that will make us feel a little less tense in our car or motorcycle will be the type of insurance that we contract. Not worth a safe to assume what we pay at the end of the year, but that does not cover us more that four minima. We need to hire one that really give us confidence and allow us to enjoy driving. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Hewlett-Packard . That is why Caser takes care of that our peace of mind do not alter a single second with their car and motorcycle insurance. With them they intend to establish himself as one of the best products on the market, your insurance one of the most complete in value for money and which allows to extend the offer of recruitment of optional coverages. Caser allows you, among other things, to choose the coverage that best suits your needs with flexibility of recruitment, choose the workshop you want – even the brand-officers, have a specific service of legal expenses and claims for damages, a financial benefit for recovery of your permit in case of loss of points and even a bonus of up to 60% by no accident in the annual renewal of your policy..