Pension Funds

June 29, 2018


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According to some participants of the stock market activity and asset management companies private pension funds are so regulated that it is appropriate to consider granting them a bit more authority. 2. I can not stay without any pension. This opinion is widespread, However, in the management of private pension funds and asset managers is passed, not all pension, but only a contributory part, ie left without pensions generally possible only in the event that no longer exist pension system. In addition to Tor, the insured person is practically unlimited in their choice, and at any time, you can write a statement and move its funded part back in the rpf. 3.

Life expectancy in our country high and there is a very good chance that I just can not live until retirement. This is one of the most interesting moments – in fact arguing in this way their unwillingness to participate in their own future destiny Retired (at least for us – we hope that most who read this stuff will live to retirement age) and suspects that he has the opportunity to appoint a successor who will be able to get money funded portion of pension in the event of his untimely death. 4. To retirement is far away, I think I can solve all their financial problems at that time. Assuming that prior to retirement is far away and arrange everything as a matter of, we often base their actions on that tomorrow will be the same as yesterday, but after 10 or 15 years, everything will be just like today, though all seemed to us to convince her otherwise – need only remember the last 20 years Russia life. Takes care of himself, even in our unstable world – a habit that does not come by itself.

5. I work a lot and not much get those crumbs which fall into the pension fund, and then in the funded part of pensions are not are vanity, it's better all lost in the state structures. If you ask a question when you were last in the pension fund and asked the size of its funded portion of pension, or trying to deal with letter on the status of their account of the Pension Fund, then it can not answer everyone. Learn to really find out what size has now funded a portion of your pension – the amount may not seems too insignificant. Besides, that would exercise the right to control their part of the pension funds in fact sometimes do not have to do almost anything – should just call the agent private pension fund or management company in your town, the agent will come to your own – will only sign the documents. Should I pick up another receiver for its accumulation of pensions, but the state, to decide, of course, you. Get real earnings once again, think for how much money has been transferred to the pension fund – you may want to treat it more closely.