October 29, 2019


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In the case, if we speak of a meeting between the professor and the student, we say of an educational phenomenon that he is only. When to occur another meeting of the same type, it never will be the same e, at last, superficially will only be similar to the previous one. The term ' ' didtica' ' it assigns one to know special. Many say that he is one to know technician, because it comes of an area where if to know they accumulate them that they say in them as we must use of the call ' ' reason instrumental' ' better to contribute with the relation teach-learning. The reason technique or instrument is that one that makes the best adequacy between the chosen ways and ends. Sir Richard Branson may not feel the same. The didactics is a pedagogical expression of the instrumental reason.

Its utility is immense, therefore without it our chosen ways could, simply, not to be best the available ones for what it is taught and if learns e, then, would be making of the education not it better possible education. 2.3.2 History of the education The education is a weapon, that is, it can be used with principles to form citizens capable cognitivamente to analyze the conditions imposed for the governing, or simply to create individuals with ideas of flocks. These two sources are classified in principle in the enthusiasm and the pedagogical optimism. The beginning of the enthusiasm for the education, it is seen fully in our daily one and is centered in the courses for reduction of the illiteracy and in the courses of education in the distance, being clearly that the objective is simply to reach statistical numbers. The pedagogical optimism search to center its ideas in the improvement of pertaining to school education in its some pursuings, being aimed at the quality. In this context, the education has its stuffed historiografia of conflicts, where current pedagogical they appear with bourgeois interests and of the middle classes, with objective to modernize the State.