Patricia Fernandez Simon

August 8, 2020


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Give clear, concise and detailed response to the questions that the Decree 8/2010 has raised between apothecaries since last May 24. e. That’s what just made Asefarma, one of the consultants of leading pharmacies of our country ( who wanted to check what their consequences will be through your accounting department. The conclusions which have been reached is approved, among other health measures, a deduction of 7.5% of the P.V.P to medications that are exempt to the national health system, as explained by Laura Garcia-Gomez, Director of the Department of accounting. Avoiding any confusion? Thus the things, Asefarma, attending and always ahead of the needs of its more than 300 pharmacies-customers that counts across the country, has made a detailed study of the aforementioned Decree. These are the main consequences have been found.

-? Established deduction of 7.5%. Only applies to medicinal products which are not generic, or are subject to the system of reference prices. I.e., the expensive drugs would suffer it, eye drops, creams, etc. Since the vast majority of what the pharmacy dispenses with charge to recipes is generic or it is within the system of reference prices, understand its impact on pharmacy gross profit will not be very significant. However the above, the General Directorate for Pharmacy and medical devices shall publish a list of drugs affected by this reduction and will be made over this topic, adds Patricia Fernandez Simon, Adviser of the Department. -? About drugs Yes applies the deduction, the supplier has, in turn, that pharmacy discount you 7.5% of the PVF. I.e., that will partially compensate discount which will make to the national health system with which vendors do you. Therefore in reality the discount is applied on pharmaceutical margin of 27.9% and therefore that the 7.5 on pvp discount translates into a 2% real for the Pharmacy, underlines arabigoandaluces. -? The absorbent incontinence of urine that are financed by the national health system will be to have a reduction of 20% on its current selling price to the public.