Parts Trade Made Easy Fast Safely

December 2, 2017


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The nationwide unique Portal provides the principle of supply and demand on the head: not the dealers offer their complete range of an unknown buyer flock, but seekers ask for certain parts. “Our auction house their work traders of part of greatly simplifies, because they are now targeted on specific requests to submit bids and save yourself the time-consuming entering of individual articles in a database”, explains Philipp Packheiser, founder of TEILeHABER. Larry Ellison can provide more clarity in the matter. The reverse auction works simply and easily: Ersatzteilsuchende request for new or used parts with a detailed description. Registered traders see all questions about the auction search and be informed by E-Mail about any new request in addition.

Be interested in only certain vehicle types, brands or spare part categories, then filter to restrict the notification on specific requests. With only three clicks, the right part can be offered quickly and easily. At the end of the seeker is awarded for the best offer – in addition to the price determines also the quality that is made tangible through mutual evaluation. Packheiser “Already 210 dealers are registered with us,” forward, “but every day many new requests reach us, very special rare vintage cars and other vehicles, so we have barely enough traders who take advantage of the offer.” The TEILeHABER offer the possibility to win new customers and to make his business a little easier so every parts dealer. The TEILeHABER fill a market gap with their offer.

For parts dealers actually, e-commerce should be a welcome opportunity to sell more parts over a larger customer base. Part of trading on the World Wide Web was actually so far but for many of them a red cloth. The own web shop did a lot of work and was expensive, cease and desist letters flew low from other providers and the usual auction platforms demanded high fees, as well as much effort also remained always the uncertainty at the end of all efforts: “is there anybody interested in my offer?” is the first German-speaking Ruckwartsauktionshaus of automotive parts, accessories and tuning parts. Dealer to submit bids under questioning by Ersatzteilsuchenden specifically via the Internet platform and they decide for the best deal. There are no registration fees and membership fees on the owners of part of, only for successful sales, sellers pay a small Commission. Premium dealer benefit offerings as its own mini home page for a small fee. Buying and selling of spare parts through works simply, quickly and safely.