Paraguay Passed Law For SRH University

July 8, 2020


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Congress and Senate of Paraguay approved a special law for establishing a private University. Nothing in the way stands the planned bi national University of Heidelberg SRH. The Parliament of Paraguay in record time has adopted a new law to allow Heidelberg / Asuncion, March 22, 2013 – to build of a german Paraguayan University. The Senate approved yesterday not 24 hours after the approval in the Congress in Asuncion the law. It had to be taken up extra, because it wasn’t on the regular agenda. Thus the two houses of Parliament have the final hurdle to build bi? eliminated National University. The Paraguayan 4351/11 Act had prohibited the establishment of new universities so far.

For the planned SRH University was now allows an exception. Private education from Germany enjoy the highest reputation in Latin America. Economy and culture can only benefit from this cooperation”, the CEO of SRH, Prof. Klaus Hekking. Only past (On the 13.3.13) Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle and Cornelia Pieper Minister of State had concluded an agreement on the recognition of the bi national University week with the Paraguayan Government.

The support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had stimulated the necessary legislation in Paraguay, said Prof. Hekking. The SRH holding, an independent, non-profit foundation headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, operates nationwide hospitals, educational centers, and 6 colleges with a total of 7,000 students. In cooperation with the Association of industrial Union industrial Paraguaya (UIP) wants the SRH in Asuncion courses in economics and engineering offered to support the industrialization of the country. In the first step SRH and UIP together will contribute EUR 5 million to a Foundation, then based the bi national University as the wearer. “Note to the search the following link leads to the corresponding message in the Paraguayan daily abc color”: edicion-impresa/politica/sancionan-creacion-de-universidad-de-la-uip-552226.html SRH education & health the SRH is a leading provider of education and health services. It operates nationwide private universities, training centres, schools and hospitals. Chairman of the Board is Prof. Klaus Hekking. With 8,800 employees, supervised the SRH 380,000 customers and patients a year and has a turnover of 650 million euros. The company network is owned by the SRH holding, a non-profit foundation headquartered in Heidelberg. The SRH aims to improve the quality of life and the life chances of their customers. Nils Birsch man