Other Dimensions

April 1, 2019


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It is important to know that part of this world in which we live, there are other worlds or parallel universes. These are known as regions or dimensions of the Cosmos. In order to understand the different regions of the Cosmos, it is necessary to go beyond physics and of conventional psychology and entering in the fields of metaphysics and parapsychology. There are 7 regions or dimensions in nature, which are interwoven between if, without confused. The human being lives in the third dimension, and is not capable of perceiving the higher regions due to the internal level, which is very atrophied now. The animals that live among humans, i.e. living in this 3D world, they do not perceive three dimensions, as there are for example animals such as the dog or horse, earning only two dimensions. Something similar happens to the human being with the higher dimensions of the Cosmos, it is not capable of perceiving them.

It is necessary to power experiencing the higher dimensions, human beings must work itself to be able to see, hear, touch, perceive, upper regions. Today in day the scientists of our planet, are trying to get to the next dimension, the vertical fourth, to the fourth unit of reasoning, to the Fourth Dimension. They are trying to manufacture a machine in Europe that is capable of exceeding the speed of light, so access to the 4 d. Truly if the human being is capable of exceeding the speed of light, you will find the doors of the 4 d. However, is important to know that not only technologically accessible to the 4 d, since this is a natural process, because the human being when he sleeps, gets (even being so unconscious) to the 4 d, globally known also Astral. Actually, the Astral world is the world that we know as the dream world. So it why not access aware to the 4 d world? Being a completely natural process, does not generate any kind of danger, since the only thing that makes access to the 4 d is the same as we do whenever we enter into sleep, either conscious or unconscious way. Original author and source of the Article