Online Study Skills Management 2011

August 9, 2016


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Current survey in the German-speaking area competence management is today increasingly in focus when it comes to solving key challenges in companies. Support strategic decision-making processes is the focus. For companies and organizations, it is becoming increasingly important to develop the skills of the staff and to develop. Just so the knowledge can be provided there, where it is needed. Aiming to capture such challenges, the company, the Fraunhofer IAO performs an online study in September 2011. This is aimed at companies in the German-speaking world, which already perform competency management, previously only be interested or even already have rejected competence management. The study addresses the questions: what is behind the term competency management? How to implement company specifically this? What are the future expectations are so connected? What benefits can actually be located? Through the survey, the Fraunhofer experts expect also answers to the question whether and to what extent competence management is regarded as a suitable instrument to support the achievement of corporate objectives effectively and efficiently. First results of the study will be presented at the professional training facts Conference from 18-19 October 2011 and will provide insightful glimpses into the practicality and usability of competence management activities.