Online Auctions – Benefits For Companies And Private

April 13, 2014


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Many are the benefits your own online auction platform cheap outlets for spezielleProdukte and services online auctions both the operators of the auction platform as well as the participating buyers and sellers: on the basis of interest and bids at the auctions, the outlets or the best price can be determined for new products or services;. the achieved (thanks to the popular Hunter and collector mentality!) is priced at auctions with maximum bidding often above the price that would be achieved with conventional sales methods. Online auctions especially for closeouts and surplus merchandise from wholesalers, but also for niche products / special products or services are profitable. With an open business-to-business auction platform businesses large and small, have the same opportunities for purchasing and sales. Here a website nor an own online shop is necessary; the seller and buyer If they do however exist, can be increase your awareness by linking with the auctions.

As with a normal Web page also expanded customer circle international, at a lower cost to the manufacturing or sales contacts, and about the auctions also can develop more business contacts. Auction offers onSite internet services with the auction software: NG the ideal platform for your own auctions on the Internet; the php5-based software uses Zend and Smarty templates for comfortable operation. Possibilities of auction: NG for operators:-the auction platform can be configured as a portal and retail solution. -Different types of auction (classic auctions, order or service-related auctions, Holland auctions with decreasing price, classifieds software, penny auction, fixed price offers = shop function); as the online platform for the award of public contracts can auction: NG used. -Fee structure and listing fees are adjustable, for bids as well as for the different representations Article (bid steps, top position, bold type, number of images among other things. -Different payment methods possible (selectable manual payment method such as “Bill”, “bar” etc.).

-Multi-language support: in the basic version is DE / EN largely in place. the language texts can be changed at any time, or it can be created new languages. -Several different templates / web designs are already available; your own design templates possible (fully editable Smarty template system). -Individual programming may be possible for an additional fee. -Auction: NG is available either as open-source purchase version or as a rental version with regular updates. -Manual locking users is possible. Auction: NG advantages for seller and buyer (if necessary, Supplement):-auctions are also available with fixed-price- or buy it now option. -Quantity auctions can be set. WYSIWYG editor is included to the article entry. -Upload of any number of pictures in Photo Gallery possible. -PDF upload and integration of YouTube videos is possible. -Article can be imported by Excel and CSV format. -Postcode-based search and Google site display for Germany – TOP auctions on start – and/or category page – purchases – / sales history available – detailed search – own profile page for both buyer and seller – “further auctions” – and “Preferred vendors” display – offers can revised or withdrawn are, as long as there are still no bids – different configurable shipping: free shipping, international shipping, shipping conditions. Since auction: NG was created by German-speaking programmers, also the help texts are all written in German. The auction software itself is multi language capable. The onSite team will be happy to provide more information. onSite internet services contact person: Marcus Dressler