Old Demand

March 21, 2014


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* – ikov Troy (Prague 7) * Among the most attractive areas of Prague investors confidently maintains its position and Troy, located on the right bank of the Vltava. In terms of investments it attraction is a good transport accessibility area and not far away from the city center. There is accommodation of all types, from luxury villas – to low-cost apartments. The biggest demand here uses it, Of course, apartments in villas and cottages with beautiful views of the center of Prague. * – Troja Vrshovitse and Stranice (Prague 10) * The attraction of this area, located near the city center of Prague 10, in recent years is growing. Topics Still, housing prices are about 20-30 percent less than neighboring areas more prestigious Vinohrady and ikov. Investment attractiveness Vrshovits is the presence of this large number of brick houses, apartments in which are in high demand among buyers. Here is actively developing infrastructure, there is a large shopping and sports centers.

Given the high demand for housing in the area, development companies are buying up Old houses are being reconstructed and sell apartments. Are under construction and new residential complexes, apartment which also quickly sold out. Located further away from the city center area Stranice uses less demand than Vrshovitse. Nevertheless, the neighborhoods located near the metro station , can also be viewed as promising from the point of view, investing in real estate * – Vrovice, Stranice Smichov (Prague 5) and Holesovice (Prague 7) * Some experts called Smichov "second ikov", meaning, its prospect for investors.