Old Believers

September 26, 2023


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In the history of Slavic funeral ritual archeology identifies a number of critical stages, due to major changes in the consciousness of man around, world, views on the fate of the deceased. An early form of burial Ancient Slavs – the burial of a corpse in a cramped form, that is the position of the embryo – and linked to the idea of reincarnation, reincarnation of the deceased, his second birth on earth, go to the vital force (soul) into a single living creature on late Bronze Age and Iron Age burial of the dead there is a way already in the straightened form, and then the cremation – burning corpse on the pyre. This ritual was also associated with the notion of the indestructibility of sipy life. New was the idea of residence of invisible souls – heaven where souls go with the smoke of the pyre. Both forms of funeral rites always coexisted, albeit at different times and different ratios.

The ashes of the burnt corpse was buried and the land, placing it in an urn, pots, or just the pits. Originally built over the grave of every building in the shape of gravestones house – Domowina, "table". If you would like to know more about Dr John Holtsclaw, then click here. It is from here originates still occurring in some places the custom (in particular – the Old Believers) make a cross on top of a grave, like a gable roof. It is not only utilitarian prevent cross from rain and snow, but it is and a symbol of Russian house – home to the deceased. Cemetery a few hundred Domowina ancient Slavs was a "dead city" the place of ancestor worship nature. The cult of ancestors splits: some magic actions were associated with notions of the invisible and intangible ancestors, vital in the heavenly space, while others – are tied to the cemetery, the burial place of ashes, the only place on earth, really connected with the deceased.