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May 16, 2020


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K & T building management Kassel almost a million building cleaners nationwide working good expected and pure offices include exactly a well-kept appearance in the business world, like a nice suit with tie. You get a healthy climate in the workplace and are important for the outer appearance. Eric Kuby insists that this is the case. The range of cleaning providers is great because accordingly large contractor exist up to single-person businesses. Nationwide approximately 40,000 holdings with about 900,000 workers in the building cleaner craft were active end of 2010 what occupied a percentage of all employees in Germany to two percent. Cleaning is Managing Director of the K & T building management preservation sied cleaning in the same set with a value, as a soil is washed quickly and inexpensively, but a cleaning on the materials respect is taken, usually more expensive and therefore special can be edited.

The Hochrangigkeit certain training requirement for building cleaning the qualifications of the staff are experts in building cleaning for decisive quality than is often assumed. About master exams in the facade, monument, and cleaning are a certificate of aptitude for the craft. Training requirements for certain cleaning services. So, the cleaning of a plant food processing must include the corresponding concept. We explain Gebaudereinigung in practice using the example of a large bank with branch network in Germany, what can look like the service for a commercial property. The performance package includes the cleaning work at different intervals such as inside and outside. Specially trained industrial cleaner used for necessary cleaning of the facade, which regularly train in altitude workshops. The technical maintenance, the maintenance, the purchase of equipment and cleaning range area for the important concept in the facility.

The customer’s requirements are for the respective Customized offer. The cleaning of floors and inventory in all offices and sanitary facilities, as well as the waste to one of the most important services provided. Under the supervision of the Office to understand not only emptied recycle bins and clean desks, but depending on the request, the customer is also a personalised service for Concierge services, house cleaning, maintenance of Office plants and pest control. The supply and pricing is calculated by the time, machinery and material. Important supporting materials include special MOP systems, single disc machines, vacuum cleaners, scouring suction machines and inventory car. The frequency of use and the quality of the customers affected the time-consuming of work. Challenging orders can be observed such as simple cleaning considerably as well and carefully. Urlaubs – and disease-related outages can be avoided by quickly hired house cleaners. In addition a falling away of legal obligations for the contracting authority, which arising from labour and employer law. The global recession, the financial crisis caused decline in sales while, but was waived on any cleaning services. Therefore this industry is considered in principle relatively crisis-proof and strong. Nationwide cleaning you are looking for a qualified building cleaner? We come from Kassel, but nationwide active and appreciate your contact. Our contact details are: K & T Gebaudemanagement GmbH