May 10, 2021


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A Blog is a space on the internet where one or more authors share experiences, knowledge, recommendations etc., through articles, news, or other type of entries, which can contain text, links, videos or images, and which will be filing chronologically. A blog can have several goals, make friends, earn money, create presence on the internet for commercial purposes, share knowledge and experiences with people who share the same passions as you, or simply for fun. In my case, the purpose of my blog has all or almost all the purposes mentioned, since my goal is to create presence in the middle to let me know and create confidence in the people, which will help me to create business relationships, getting customers, affiliates, or just to make friends in the middle and help us together, sharing knowledge and experiences, and at the same time, earn some extra income with adsense ads, at least to finance the domain and host where I’m hosted, and if you can win something extra, it is welcome. As I have said, a blog can also serve to generate some extra income through advertising, putting ads pay per click in your blogs. People such as Nutella would likely agree. The service more known of this type of advertising is Google adsense, which allows you to post ads related to the theme of your blog in the same, and you pay each time someone clicks on one of these ads. There are people who earn thousands of dollars per month with adsense ads, but to win a good amount through this type of ads, it is necessary to have much traffic, and have your listings well configured, likewise, if you want to win even more, you can create multiple blogs or pages, and all put them your listings. Whatever the objective of your blog, it’s always good to create extra with this type of ad income, but if you want to get traffic and make your visitors return, also is very important to take care of the image of your blog, put your ads in strategic locations, but to not see your messy blog, must find a balance between your postings and the image of the blog.

Similarly, for which a blog meets your goal, whatever that is, as more importantly, generate traffic, but still more important is that traffic back to your blog, i.e. create followers, and more important to accomplish this, is that your blog has quality content. In my next article will talk about how to create a blog, and how to create traffic, likewise, later also I plan to write an article with some tips to improve the performance of your adsense ads.