No Smoking Ban Necessary?

February 5, 2018


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Technical solution can ensure non-smoker protection the non smoking protection laws make the innkeepers no joy. According to the German of hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA), many small pubs already has revenues of more than 20 percent. And the future looks much better: according to the judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court, the federal countries are committed to recast the legislation for the protection of non-smokers by the end of 2009. Easing the smoking ban for small restaurants and pubs under 75 qm would be possible, as it is practiced in many federal States-transitional. But also a total ban on smoking in all catering establishments is possible. The land of North Rhine-Westphalia is a special way.

In the non smoking Protection Act from the Dusseldorf Ministry of labour is laid down that exceptions to the smoking ban are possible, if the non-smoker protection is ensured through technical measures ( 3 para 8 NiSchG NRW). Technical non-smoker protection mean concretely: protection of non-smokers through the use of smoking cabins or air purifiers. Modern smoke filters remove more than 99 percent of all pollutants from the air as the result of an investigation by the Institute for occupational safety and health of the German statutory accident insurance. Present non-smokers health protection is thus ensured. So is the technical non-smoker protection solution for gastronomy? More and more restaurant owners and associations put on this possibility. “For a total smoking ban could hit especially hard the German restaurateur: thousands barkeepers fear for their existence”, warns Ernst Fischer, Chairman of the Association of the DEHOGA. While many restaurant owners are in favour of the non-smoker protection. The health protection of guests and employees an important role also in the hospitality industry”, reports Lothar Wuttke.

Three-quarters of all German non-smoking are also. Hardly a pub owner may waive this target group”, as Wuttke, Managing Director of bis company green line. The company is equipped with a Many of individual solutions for corner pubs, smoking clubs, separate smoking rooms or smoking outdoor areas for nearly 20 years first point of contact in all questions regarding the technical protection of non-smokers. Lothar Wuttke has now spoken with thousands of business owners. His conclusion: The technical non-smoker protection is the problem of smoke for the hosts. The smokers can smoke and still no one is bothered by tobacco smoke or endangered.