New York Energy

August 25, 2019


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Cities like New York or Tokyo, countries like Belgium, islands … will be submerged by water. And while there will be floods, river flows and water fall is a scarce commodity for millions of people. The water will be followed by food shortages and conflict, armed or not, for scarce resources, but essential for life and industry factories are not only the cause of sending CO2 into the atmosphere. Changes in land use, livestock and the burning of fossil fuels are major sources of increased emissions of greenhouse gases. Swarmed by offers, Verizon Communications is currently assessing future choices. The increase in energy demand is another important factor of increased emissions. Only heating and cooling our homes and our offices account for almost 50% of global energy demand. This little hopeful future, you can not paralyze us.

The world is economically and technically prepared to meet this challenge. Economists have estimated that the cost to prevent this disaster would be about two billion dollars annually over the next decades. Despite the number of zeros of the figure for hope, the costs of doing nothing are much higher. There are ten challenges that humanity will face in maintaining the Earth as our home: think long term and assume the responsibility for our actions in the future, innovation, we must invest in new cleaner technologies and count on the renewable energy, population pressure, population control will be essential to balance human activities, atmosphere and climate, changing lifestyles, quality of life has nothing to do with increased consumption, have more cars, more houses, eating more …; care for the land, nature, trees, forests, vegetation … are essential in the absorption of carbon dioxide, strong institutions, so that agreements made are fulfilled, equity, you need a fair deal and sustainable for anyone to see their development diminished, economic stability, economic difficulties can not be an excuse for not providing the necessary support to a change in the overall strategy on development and climate, political stability, security should not be either a destabilizing element of global cooperation to achieve a common strategy and social mobilization, aunandonos in the same direction to achieve reverse the trend of destruction of sustainability and global development. Journalist Ana Munoz