National Social Security Council

April 4, 2018


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The President of the Council national of the Security Social CNSS – of the Dominican Republic, Max Puig, unveiled the resolution No. 227-02, which includes health services by traffic accidents, and which entered into force as from the first of January 2010; whose risk is being managed by the administrator of risks of health ARS – responsible for the affiliate. With this resolution the CNSS decreed automatic disappearance from the National Fund for medical care by accidents of transit FONAMAT-, which administered the national health insurance – SENASA – before January 1 this year. The intention of the Council to take these raw materials measures the criterion that the benefits continue being improved to the extent that the system is strengthened, thereby assumes compliance at the beginning of present in the law 87-01 graduality. De_manera_que, from just last January 1st the administering of risks of health – ARS)-began to give coverage to its affiliates traffic accidents, complying with the provision of Council National Social Security – CNSS-. Checking that the clinics attended the patients injured and processed his records without major setbacks to the insurance companies.

Through resolution 227-02 the CNSS traded for one year the ARS coverage of health services by accident, from the night of December 31 12. To offer these services, the ARS increased them capita to RD$ 721.48, including also other benefits to members such as the increase in the coverage of catastrophic illnesses, medications, among others. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is open to suggestions. Offered the coverage of these services, which in principle assigned to insurers in vehicles, but they refused, the national health insurance – SENASA-, for the affiliate to the contributory regime of the family health insurance. During the period January-November of this year occurred 14,570 traffic accidents in which were involved members of the contributory regime of the Dominican system of Social security which represented authorisations of healthcare by value of RD$ 139 million. Resolution 227-02, the CNSS took RD $ 691.48 RD$ 721.48 capita of enrollees with charge to the account care of attention of health of the people of the insurance Familar of health SFM – so attention by traffic accidents to be included in the coverage of the Plan of services of health PDSS – from this January 2010. 77 Percent of the injured were men and 23 per cent women in reproductive age. Motorcycles occupied first place, depending on the type of vehicles involved in traffic accidents with 71.6 per cent, which should be considered when designing and implementing strategies to prevent this type of contingencies.