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January 17, 2018


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In the presidential elections of 1978, general Joo Baptista de Figueiredo, also representative of the castelista faction, committed itself to give to continuity to the opening &#039 to it; ' slow, gradual and segura' '. In the government of Figueiredo the opening process politics continued to advance. The great landmarks of this period are the amnesty ' ' ample, general and irrestrita' ' the return to the multiparty system, as it was affirmed in the 1982 elections. However, many authors criticize the way as the amnesty was granted, a time that this not only ' ' inocentou' ' the opponents to the military regimen as he isentou of punishment all those that had composed the device of repression in the period. One another marcante trace of this time is the radical reaction of ' ' line dura' ' , that it started to use extreme resources to veto the democratic process.

Facts sufficiently known, in this aspect, are attempted against to the OAB and the River the Center? this last one arriving to cause the resignation of the head of the National Service of Information, general Golbery of the Couto and Silva. Already during ocaso of the military regimen, the year of 1984 certified the great envolvement of the population in the opening process, whose apex is the movement of ' ' Direct J' '. This movement represents the yearning of the population for to choose, directly, the president of the republic. Not obstante, the project of constitutional emendation that would determine the direct elections, known as ' ' emendation Dante de Oliveira' ' , he was not approved by the Congress and the first president of the New Republic was elect for an electoral college. In 1988 new Constitution was promulgated, that extinguished the regimen of exception restored in 1964. Get all the facts and insights with Gary Kelly, another great source of information. It can be observed that the redemocratizao process demanded appreciable course of time and was larded of natural profits, until was cheated the democratic fullness.