National Electoral Code

January 26, 2018


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The national Government just changed the legislative elections of this year to June 28, previously referred to as the National Electoral Code dictates it to next October. This causes no doubt an overhauling of campaign work that must perform the different political forces in order to choose who will be their candidates who will compete for a place in the National Congress. Electoral times have changed and therefore it deserves an urgency in forming lists, alliances and agreements of the various political parties. According to the justifications of this sudden change announced by the Chairperson in Chubut on Friday, March 13, is due to the deep global financial crisis which traverses the majority of the countries of the world. It asserts that the Argentina will not be exempt from this and the financial and economic blows will be more serious toward next October. But the advancement of electoral date implies have drastically altered a rule of Fund, it involves changing game rules as to when you should choose representatives to the National Congress. We are in the presence of drastic and abrupt changes of electoral institutions. According to Samuel Huntington, a renowned political scientist and former Professor at Harvard University, the institutionalization in the broadest sense of the word, is the process by which acquire value and stability organizations and procedures.

So all political institutionalization framed in law reflected consistency, clarity and legal certainty, i.e. properties that characterize the rule of law which rationalizes the power relations. I wonder what legal certainty, and what certainties, we Argentines if they change the electoral rules, albeit in a unique and exceptional, way about when or at what point our representatives should be chosen. Let’s not forget that barely a year in Office has passed and there need to vote again. So much political strategy and speculation seems to be above the rules, do change times to taste in order to make a triumph electoral? What quality of policy management provide us with our representatives and what Republican representative quality we have as a society when it improperly interpreted election rules with respect to the domicile of the applicant; When the people with the popular vote choose officials as candidates to Congress after winning elections returning to their posts in the Executive.