National Bank Colorado

April 2, 2018


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The credit is more selective and expensive for the companies, more cheap for the physical people. Since that the Central banking decided to announce the values charged for the banks in the credit, to the taxes they have diminished significantly, with increase of the competition and greater offers of money the disposal in the market. The interests of guaranteed checks for natural person are oscillating enter 1,67% 9.67%, the personal credit in the credit cards vary of 1,29% the 20,19. Filed under: Oracle. The Deep financial applications of DI, Fixed Income and Savings represent good options in accordance with each type of applicator. When analyzing to invest needs to attempt against to the stated period, yield, taxes of administration charged and taxes to be paid.

The interests of the legal entity are more expensive, but for the good payers already they start to appear in the market new products of credit with lesser values. Banks, in the last Friday 3 banks had more closed in U.S.A., totalizing 20 closed regional banks in the American economy, these institutions more than managed added assets of US$ 1 billion, lock up its activities the First City Bank (Gergia), Team Bank (Kansas) and the National Bank Colorado (Colorado), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The American government spear more US$ 1 trillion of dollar to finance the rotten headings of the banks to stimulate the demand in that country. In the Europe, the social convulsions provoked by the closed fronts of work in the last months start to pressure governments to take new measures, now compete to the G20 thinking about strategies of global joint to diminish the effect of the crisis. Germany, Japan, in contraction, Brazil with growth zero and China with inferior growth 5%, shows that it will have a deceleration of the global economy. Delay of social investments for the world and the recovery of the basic sanitation, esteem in 10 years, had provoked the death of at least 5.000 children per day of diarria, today is 1.1 billion people without access the drinking waters in the world. We need yes to think about new forms of auto-support, for creation of new forms of work that respect the right the life of all the creatures, of all peoples e> mainly of our Planet Land..