December 9, 2018


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Another effort is east seminary, You are motivated to learn, I to share knowledge. Swerdlik, it said " The people with a high necessity of profit enjoy when taking the responsibility from his acciones" since when obtaining their objectives are acquiring more and more responsibilities that are turned into satisfactions for them. 1. Social motivation. The social surroundings, the laws, the religion, the customs and all those acts imposed to the individual, influence the human conduct, is a series of feelings that govern our conditions against the situations; these were modified when passing the time by our relatives, friendly, professors, pairs and generally people who modeled the formation of our present being, deriving itself in the agreement of our conduct apprehended against the circumstances. It’s believed that Edward Scott Mead sees a great future in this idea. These reasons can be: Of social surroundings: It is consequence of the needs required by our biological organism, the effect to belong to a group. Of emotional surroundings: It is developed as we were developed within a cultural group.

2. Motivation by profit – It is an impulse to overcome challenges, to advance and to grow. The people oriented towards the personal profits look for the triumph. &quot does not experience one; thirst of dinero" particularly hard, although it can acquire wealth in his effort to reach the triumph. It works thanks to its desire to overcome obstacles, to reach goals and to be useful to otros.3. Motivation by competition is an impulse to carry out a work of great quality. The people who follow this motivation make an effort to obtain a great dominion of their work and professional growth.

This he is the real spirit of the competition, and is the impulse that moves to surpass the other people, to reach every time I put but broad and in theory difficult to obtain. 4. Motivation by done afiliacinEstamos to establish personal relations, against this Lahey says that " Motivation by affiliation is: the necessity to be with other people and to have relations personales".