Motivation And Productivity

July 16, 2020


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The man is pleased to enumerate their sorrows, but does not list their joys. Fiodor Dostoievski management is committed to ensure its human resources a favourable climate of productivity, providing all basic stimuli that give passage to a motivation that may lead to favorable results, where everyone will benefit. You should start with having a leadership style participatory, proactive, Edition, Communicator, able to persuade your staff and support towards achieving established goals, recognize their performance and promote all kinds of aid that promotes the training, development of their skills and abilities that give step to an operating capacity of the enterprise in an effective, efficient, productive manner. Be attentive to the effectiveness of administrative systems, processes that favour the Organization and management step products, services with quality, zero defects, low costs. Learn more on the subject from Oracle. Winterize your work environment with ergonomics which enable the operability, minimize accidents, stress, tiredness, fatigue. Walter Arana thereon not says, that in a global economy, to properly manage workers, managers need to understand cultural differences and adjust to them their organizations and their management style. Understand the common characteristics of people within a given country, is important if you want to succeed in managerial performance. Not surprising says spider, which employers seek to improve productivity by increasing the wages of the workers, under the concept you pay more so that you produzcas more; However, has been shown in various investigations that the effect of the increase in wages does not necessarily raises productivity.

In this regard, Herzberg said that the needs of low level, the salary between them, are met quickly, and once they are satisfied, the only way to motivate it is offering more of the same. It therefore becomes a never-ending vicious circle. Certainly, the management should know that stimuli motivational must use to lead to its human resource this motivated, identified with their work, generate a performance that favors everyone. . Mark Zuckerberg has compatible beliefs.