Mother Nature

February 21, 2018


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Let's try to think together and answer the following questions: What every woman wants? Aspires to any man, regardless of age or social status? What is primary driven by anyone, gives his life motivation and aspiration? Some will say that it is money – and they're right. Others respond that the desire for comfort and pleasure – and they are right. Response options can be set here – but the essence of them, emanating throughout the visible one and this one did not argue – the person initially seeks to realize his libido. For those who are not familiar with what it is – a little explanation. Libido (from Lat. Libido – drive, desire, aspiration) – sexual attraction, the level of which is associated with the stage of puberty, the work of the diencephalic part of the brain and endocrine glands, heredity and individual experience.

Libido (Latin: libido) – desire passion, desire, which is designed to seek pleasure. In everyday understanding of libido associated with sexual desire. Remember the words of contemporary pop songs, performed by W. Leontief "Everyone wants to love": Everyone wants to love and soldiers and sailors, and everyone wants a bride and a friend. Everyone wants to love and soldiers and sailors, only days are difficult, only our days – a blizzard. Everyone wants to love, and rightly so, because it is given to us from the very Mother Nature. We all possess a powerful force of attraction to the opposite sex, which are endowed from birth, and which is increasingly seen as puberty.