Moroccan Travel Market

November 17, 2023


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If they are looking for an exceptional environment where to organize a wedding or a seminar in Marrakech, go to the Riad Dar Iilham. This superb riad offers them not only unites environment splendid with its green spaces ideal for the success of a wedding or a business in Marrakech event, but also a super meeting room and, above all, for a stay of incentive, a large number of activities that constitute a reason ideal for travel to Marrakech. The third edition of the Moroccan Travel Market, an appointment fair tourism from 14 to 17 January 2010 will take place in Marrakech the third edition of the International Salon of the professionals of tourism with the same motivation and the same dynamism than in previous editions. Thus, the organizers expect approximately 13,000 professionals of the sector in an area of approximately 32,000 m. In addition to these professionals, the arrival of some 300 exhibitors, which include the Association of guides, Royal Air Maroc, Atlas Voyages, etc., as well as numerous offerings is planned for travel to Marrakech. This third edition will be an opportunity for local operators to sign numerous contracts with buyers and consumers international. European tour operators (a total of 1,000) will be equally present.

The latter will be especially to objectively assess the offer Moroccans why the founding President, Abdelkrim Rahal Essoulami, said: this year more that never operators in the sector must offer the dream and magic to our guests. It is the only way of having a room separate from their foreign counterparts. On the other hand, the Moroccan Travel Market (MTM) has as main objective to strengthen the promotion of the tourist offer. However, given the effects of the crisis, the MTM will have one greater need for meeting human resources and will be forced to be much more ambitious than usual in order to relaunch the sector. In any case, all bids that are proposed in the context of the classroom will be sorted into three broad categories. Thus, there will be category Premium (luxury and high-end), Mice (which meet all matters concerning events) and classic (freight forwarders, agents of travel, accommodation, rental houses in Marrakech, etc.).