Modern Stoves

May 28, 2019


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The stove operating from the clean perspective Munich, 23.09.2011 the cliche of dust and smoke a fine layer of grease on the windowsill, yellowed curtains and upholstered furniture, always a little smell of ashes this scenario describes the secret fears of cleanly housewife. The ugly image of the smoldering coal stove comes rather from the post-war years of the last century and does not fit right into our stylish, modern and industrialized world. This ugly image doesn’t include actual concern with modern stoves and results more from old movies and Grandma’s stories. Modern stoves are cleaner than their reputation both installation and daily use. It is the task of this article to join the related evidence. The clean installation, it is correct that installing a stove requires structural changes, because the oven must be connected to the usually existing fireplace. This is done by the responsible chimney sweep, after essential, expert advice which the installation and suitability must approve and remove the existing fireplace. After this important step, the connection of the fireplace at the selected place is a work that a professional specialist company done within a few hours.

The stove is situated directly at the site of its future operation and a breakthrough to the fireplace must be carried out only on the most directly behind wall. This wall breakthrough is carried out precisely, because then the exhaust pipe of the stove is fitted exactly in this opening. As a precaution, all surrounding furniture and floors can be covered before starting this work. Many specialists but even provide a special industrial vacuum cleaner before you start working so that almost all dust particles are captured before they touch the ground. Only if the existing fireplace is not sufficient and an additional outdoor fireplace must be installed, the work can be expensive. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jeff Leiden is the place to go. But also that adheres in a manageable framework.