Mobile Solution Group Realized Android App For More

April 12, 2014


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Application of the provider webfactor media UG with the support of the Bremen specialists for mobile solutions in the NEUSTA group now also on other devices available. Ammerndorf, Bremen, October 2010. Saving fuel made easy with this slogan the Web service more launches its known from iPhone application now available for Android smartphones. This is one of the first free fuel tools for the open source operating system available. The mobile solution group GmbH in Bremen is responsible for the technical implementation. Using search by postcode or GPS prices of all or only preferred stations brands and types of fuel are rapidly found in Germany, on request, a map shows the way.

Users to current gasoline prices or new gas stations report, these data are then all users. The app also supports fuels such as bio-diesel, car – or natural gas, E85, and the additive AdBlue. Graphically inspired to the existing version of the iPhone, the mobile solution developed group in a short time they all of the logic behind the scenes. The database query functionality to the surface, the principal had realize the whole software of the IT companies from the NEUSTA group webfactor media UG from the Bavarian village of Bunting. The free app is now available in the Android market. As one of the first fuel-efficiency apps for Android devices, more allows to compare fuel prices on the go. Thomas Swonke, Managing Director of provider of webfactor media UG, is satisfied: for the optimal effect of the savings we provide the application free of charge.

Last but not least we have won group the ideal partner for mobile solutions with the mobile solution, who immediately understood and implemented what we imagined”. The software developer integrated numerous functions in the Java 5 based software. Using sophisticated interfaces, the mobile app accesses quickly on the central database, search results in seconds. The tool is easy to use thanks to the well thought out user interface. To the Navigation touch screen and trackball can be used. When you first start the app wonders stations brand as well as postcode area and district make searches unique to the preferred fuel type, thus more convenient. Of course, all parameters can be edit at any time. Handy for trips into unknown areas: the search can be automated by means of GPS positioning. Clearly present themselves to found stations in the list of results, click reveals all important information. Pricing or details to the petrol stations have changed, users update this data in logically constructed steps itself. The development of sophisticated Smartphone applications is an essential part of our core competencies. Professional business applications with technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth, wear IT, Tablet PCs, digital pens, and more will be added. The potential of apps with user-generated content is enormous. We are convinced of the success of the application as well as webfactor”adds Holger Bothmer, managing partner of the mobile solution Group. At about 290 employees strong NEUSTA group custom software and Web development, standard software, online-marketing, SAP, are BI and more in the focus. Thanks to the close interlocking of all skills within the group, the developers realize complex solutions in a very short time.