Million Euro Debt

May 18, 2018


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Debt does not necessarily have to mean the end of economic, has described success author Wolfgang Rademacher in his numerous guide books. SELM. In the life of a non-fiction author, there is at moments that satisfy him with special pride. Wolfgang Rademacher was recently such a moment enjoying: one of my readers in a letter informing me that him from my advice rescue in the foreclosure, the power of the debtor, Mach, bust and take off against title one hundred percent helped have good manner, that his opponents this checkmate were used the Selmer bestseller-Garant told very well tempered. I of course always good to hear that the own experiences can help out other people in difficult financial situations about debt.

Or just the execution. In his letter, the reader describes his initial malaise: with millions of euros Miesen and a pack of enemy Bank lawyers most Neck he got desperate after the term debt gegoggelt and is found in Wolfgang r’s books. That, he stresses were it a real help in contrast to the RTL broadcast of out of the debt with Peter Zwegert, through which he could only chuckle: compared to your debt, Mr. Rademacher, are just peanuts. How to checkmate is even cunning professional banker as he no telegenic debt Whisperer, but with the help of Wolfgang r’s practical self-help books got rid of the debt to its former Bank and could do his own personal get out of the debt experience, has taken the reader in very personal terms: your books have motivated me to never give up. I got rid of almost 1,800,000 debt through my tenacity and my house for at least 10 years can continue to use the rent by monthly 540. (I had rented the House to my wife, with the addition: landlord waived over the next 10 years) on a cancellation; Home insurance and property tax pays the Bank.) I kept two real estate, of which I immediately sold one for 65,000.