Military Service

March 22, 2016


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What is prescribed in Article 213 referred to compulsory military service must be contained in article eight of the obligations of citizens. We propose to include in the relevant article “veterans of the Chaco War of Nancahuazu and other international to be fought in defense of the country, will be declared worthy, enjoying the honors and privileges, annuities and other benefits provided by law. The Bolivian nation does not support discriminatory privileges, no personal privileges nor titles of nobility, race, religion, political opinion, social and economic status, everyone is equal before the law. Enjoy privileges, only the children, the elderly, persons with disabilities. Article. 50 propose the following amendment: “… ..

The officers and civilian employees, rectors and professors of universities, military and police on active duty and ecclesiastics who do not resign and terminate its functions … …” Article. The 2nd .- “are national emblems, the national flag, three horizontal stripes red, yellow and green, the coat of arms in actual effect, the national anthem and the national flower, not acknowledging others, departments may honor their flags and departmental shields civic way, respecting the supremacy of national symbols. “As for university autonomy, you must add the following lines to the art. 185 paragraph 1 of the CPE. “… Controlled in accordance with the law and creating rules to prevent political interference – party ….” The State recognizes the freedom of the press subject to ethics, accuracy and impartiality respecting citizens’ rights according to law. However, the law of January 15, 1925 should be updated and modernized in accordance with the processes of structural change in institutions.

MD: Bolivia has a very low population density (8 inhabitants per square kilometer), has formed a national identity, there are clear distinctions in terms of revenue is concerned, there are no departmental road infrastructure, that is, there are several reasons that tend to fragmentation of the country, according to his proposal: how do you plan to put limits on the autonomy process by strengthening the central power? VJ: We propose a unitary state with limited departmental and municipal autonomy, where decentralization or autonomy means that the country’s departments have shared their political, administrative, international representation and also its main economic interests. This means that the country must be one of the State Constitution, a single integrated policy in the fields of education, health, housing etc. a single national army, one police, one single and coherent international policy, a single currency, certain flat taxes, one banking system, a single customs system, etc. All of this is governed by uniform and general laws. Respecting the right of regional governments to be more appropriate legislation to their regional development interests., As a change for the individual overcoming Bolivian people and the achievement of the common good.