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November 22, 2017


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The questioning is: ' ' Letter of form (the press), cursiva letter ' ' I am infuriated! In this country of functional illiterates, the masters of the Portuguese Language, had not yet understood that most important she is the person to read, to write and to interpret, either there the type of letter that to choose, that the important one is if to communicate! I believe that these sabiches of the language are wanting are to leave the people each time more illiterate, joint the politicians, in order to take off advantages electoral, therefore the illiterate is muzzle vote. This controversial cause nauseas in the people who fight and had fought for an education of quality that until the moment, in full Century XXI, not yet happens. Why these magnates of the language do not elaborate an efficient methodology in the standards of the Portuguese language, with cursiva letter or of form, capital letter or small letter, so that our alunado skirt of the first pertaining to school year reading and writing? A manual for the alfabetizao, but a manual of truth elaborates, without freshness, that reaches all Brazilian population! The society blames the alfabetizadores, but the majority of them if empolga with these theories that are there and do not obtain more to interact with the language in correct way. Daqui the little goes, these magnates to imply with the alphabetical order, does not find? If the professors if not to acquire knowledge of that all are alfabetizadores and if not to locate in favor of a conscientious alfabetizao as happened in the past, the Brazilian education will not never have skill! Old he did not have a World opened in the Communication. The children learned through the force of will of the professor, of the one support cartilha and after that they were reading in books and magazines, that is, what they were written next. The majority, since early read the Bible, therefore it was the Book of the family.

Hodiernamente, the children since whom they know to locate itself seated already are in the front of the computer, typing to the way of them, learning through Microsoft Office Word, therefore it teaches a variety of letters. What necessary child is of an orientation on alphabetical order, therefore everything is processed in the brain, since the learning of everything is a mental and logical process and must follow steps so that it is processed in correct way. At the beginning of the alfabetizao the school must choose with the alfabetizadores a type of letter and to work very with the children without leaving to present they them other types, exactly why great part of them is in contact with this variety saw computer. However, the responsible one for the alfabetizao is the school until the present moment, but daqui little can take off this privilege of it! Then, the correct idea is to alfabetizar, either with the letter, b, or c.Com elapsing of the time, also with the aid of the Art the children go learning the varieties of letters and everything will be wonderful because in the small great brain of them it is ordenadamente alfabetizao for the order of the letters and this child to feel it ahead insurance of a text, therefore well was alfabetizada!