Microsoft Gold

May 31, 2018


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5% have 96-100% of its infrastructure virtualized 17% 70-95% of its infrastructure, 16% have virtualized have 21% 50-69% of its infrastructure virtualized their infrastructure 30-49% 16% virtualized 10-29% of their IT infrastructure have 10% virtualized 10% of their IT infrastructure 15% virtualized virtualized showing two statistics have no share of their IT infrastructure that companies only gradually to a virtual environment and get hope to reduce their costs in this way, to increase their potential and their performance and to improve their recovery potential problems. Mandeep Birdi, technical presales consultant at Diskeeper Corporation Europe, commented: “these statistics show that many organizations now use virtualization. But with the introduction of server virtualization, IT management must ensure optimum performance in the virtual infrastructure. One key issue that occurs in a virtual infrastructure is that virtual machines based on Windows, can generate excess I/OS by fragmentation. Due to this extra I/o can occur for great performance at the host, which in turn affected the success of the outsourcing. Our software V-locity, an optimization program for virtual platforms, is designed for such problems.

“About Diskeeper Corporation – Microsoft Gold partner innovators in performance and reliability technologies : CIOs, IT managers, and system administrators from global Fortune 1000”- and Forbes 500 “companies rely on Diskeeper performance software, to ensure an unsurpassed performance and reliability your business laptops, desktops and servers.” Diskeeper 2011 includes IntelliWrite, an innovative technology to the Prevention of fragmentation. V? locity 2.0, which optimizes the virtual platforms VMware ESX and Hyper-V, eliminating factors that are a full virtual efficiency in the way and maximizes the I/O performance on virtual servers. The Diskeeper Corporation also provides data protection and data recovery in real time with the software for data recovery undelete ( The InvisiTasking technology allows that any any process is completely invisible in the background and it uses other, otherwise completely untapped resources (