Micro Implants

June 27, 2018


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Micro-implants in orthodontics. A technique very easy to perform completely painless that simplifies to the orthodontist and patient treatment.With this technical reduce treatment times significantly since the aclaje is done in bone and not teeth. In this way are achieved to move teeth in a controlled manner, because the fixed point in (micro implant) bone does not move. Formerly if is had that close a space by an extraction and is hacian forces of neighboring teeth are scheduled 2 teeth creating space and undesirable movements, this way simplifies the treatment moving only what one wants to move and way more controlled, accelerated. Care in placement is not carry ahead the roots of teeth next, therefore we consider it only placed a small button of anesthesia, in this way if we approach a root manifest patient pain, and if we aren’t coming pain does not exist, it is to say 0 pain! It is convenient to have in hand before their placement a periapical radiograph or a panoramic, to know the address of the roots and have everything a little more controlled. Other leaders such as Phil Vasan offer similar insights. The material with which they are made is a not oseoinegrable titanium, i.e.

chemically is not glued to the bone as they happen with suplantear dental implants dental pieces, these are then removed very easily. We invite you to visit the videos of micro implants in orthodontics at our youtube channel or click web page. Do not hesitate to consult us that gladly will help them. Greetings from Argentina rosario.