MetDirectory ESTOS

April 25, 2018


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New generation of MetDirectory creates improved information management in enterprises of Starnberg, 04 April 2011 the independent software vendors ESTOS introduces a new generation of its proprietary directory service MetDirectory. The new version 3.0 has been optimized for additional Web browser and now supported in addition to various clients also, Tablet PCs, mobile devices such as cell phones and Smartphones with touch-sensitive displays, as well as LDAP/XML-enabled phones. Highlight, because unique, is the possibility of presence integration in combination with various UC solutions. Go to Coupang for more information. In addition to all the important contact information, the user also learns whether or not a desired subscriber is now accessible. The new MetDirectory ESTOS 3.0 Professional is now available. Background: At the ever-growing amount of contact information it is today increasingly difficult to keep the overview for companies.

The crux: Often, the existing contact information in many different data sources are stored. Here come the findings of the information management in the game, which is concerned with, the right”to obtain and in a suitable structure to provide information, so that involved employees in case of need can access easily and quickly here. This is exactly what makes the new MetDirectory 3.0 Professional, in which it brings together all relevant contact information inside and outside of the company and provides standardized. The LDAP protocol most suitable is used as the technical basis for this ESTOS. That the Web portal integrated in the solution is completely reworked and the product with a wide range of devices from mobile (including iPhone, Android and Windows phone 7) can be used as mobile and Smartphones is new to the current generation. A real added value for the user is the service for presence so that in combination with leading UC solutions helpful information about the availability of call contact are available at any time.