August 3, 2018


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The development of activities such as cooking and cleaning has often become boring work. the invention of innovative accessories such as counter-tops has allowed all this is story of the past. (Source: litecoin). The world cuisine industry has been responsible for the creation of useful elements to facilitate some kitchen duties, a clear example of this has been the creation of the tops, which are a very new accessory to make it easy and interesting development mainly culinary activities. The tops are a sort of cover located in the kitchen, is responsible for covering the areas near the wash, this can be made of various types of materials such as plastic, aluminum, metal and even stone, the biggest advantage they have are tops these have beauty and easy cleaning. It is proper to say that the tops can be used not only in the kitchens, also can be placed in the bathrooms and shelves. The first modern tops make their appearance in the nineteenth century, where the design of certain covered for kitchen led to the first counter.

The first counter was built in stone and although it was not very showy, it was very useful as an aid in preparing food and even more to clean it. Some studies have shown that the tops begin their ancient history in the Mesopotamian civilization, where the slaughtering was done in a well carved wooden surface, so that this table made it easy to clean. Some practices such as interior decoration and architecture, take the tops as an element of first-hand, as the wide range of shapes and colors, not to mention the beauty that they provide at home, counter-tops made from an element of first-hand practices mentioned above. Today, the creation of new and innovative counter-tops are pushing the use of these various activities, quite different for which they were created primarily. Some new types of tops are: Top of cooking: the new tops are designed with a domestic cooking system, this is very innovative, offering the ability to make different types of food preparation, without being visible or bulky, as the compartment where the preparation is made within the counter-top.

Top of car wash: is designed to self clean, using a system which when activated opens a compartment, which moisten the top cover and then dried with an air system. It is proper to emphasize that this is still in an investigative process. It is also good that the design of the tops is based on nine major forms, these are: Bevel. Straight. Chamfer. Middle baquetones. baquetones. Flute. Flute rounded. Chest dove. Media cane. As demonstrated above that the hobs are excellent both for decoration and for cooking. So now there is no excuse for not getting one at a time to remodel our kitchen.