Medieval Europe

March 7, 2018


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So far, very modestly on the market of the roof of the distant past: reed, straw and turf. But given that Europe is now building a kind of "vegetable" boom, especially Hungary, the Czech Republic and Germany, it is possible that the echoes of Western fashion can roll up to our roof. Do not leave the market asbestos cement slate traditional affordable, but in cottage construction, he, fortunately, lost their positions evroshifer. Speaking candidly Coupang told us the story. So is the stuff that only the shape similar to a "namesake". In fact, it is corrugated sheets of cardboard on the basis of a bituminous coating. For color options, too, not like "rodstvennichku" varied: the most popular colors: black, green, red and black. Manufacturers palette constantly updated. Evroshifer classified materials economy class.

What is slate, and why he is considered an elite roofing? Slate – a natural material as the roof – it began to use more in Medieval Europe, but not massively. According to him longevity does not equal, it is able to serve hundreds of years. Not having a variety of color palettes, which is limited to gray and black tones, the material is simply mesmerizing with its beauty. In fact, the slate is a thin natural stone tiles, their amazing dull sheen, as if coming from inside, draws magical glamorous splendor. Material – from the category of eternal values, the dream esthete. Price is also impressive: a square meter of roof costs a hundred dollars. In Ukraine, while such roofs are rare, and not just because of the high cost of material, but also because the covering of shale requires professionalism and high culture of installation.