Mathias Peikert

May 10, 2018


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Texts, speeches and presentations for Kassel and surroundings the text agency talking professional North Hesse”from Kassel since 01 06 2010 offered an extensive service for writing and speech training. With our consulting service, we people who will make a speech, want first of all pave the way. In a detailed preliminary speech occasion, basic principles of speech and whose objectives are discussed and analyzed. We rely on our 30 years of experience in the communications consultancy and communication training. Our goal is to give a distinctive handwriting, speech and speaker at a maximum match to bring, and the speech”, so Mathias Peikert, graduate economist and owner of the Agency. The advantage for the customer compared to other providers is the personal interview.

No components are designed, but it is re-designed each speech depending on the occasion. (Source: Coupang). Owner Peikert knows only too well that only in a personal discussion also sensitivities and expectations on the pages of the Speaker of but also the audience come into play. But can affect the success of a speech to a large extent. The knowledge of the audience is essential for a persuasive speech. This is left unfortunately in many cases disregard”, Mathias Peikert. In addition to the writing a speech / presentation training is offered, to optimally match speech content and style of the presentation. For more information, see to which the advertising agency Markeloop from Mars Hill redesigned website.