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February 1, 2018


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The PR agency WINS Digitrick and 030Casting as new customers Berlin – press relations belongs to the most successful instruments, to anchor the company into the public consciousness. An ongoing public relations is often more effective than the increased use of classical marketing instruments. More and more companies recognize this and redirect their budgets no additional cost. This is confirmed by the prestigious business week and the owner of PR agency, Martina Wagner: press work is successful if it successfully communicates. “And therefore also the Digitrick Toonfilm GmbH and 030Casting take this for the PR agency to complete”. The Agenturs boss confirming a long-lasting trend: according to a representative survey, most companies want to shut down their spending for advertising.

You intend instead to focus more on the more efficient work of the press”. Another aspect which is public relations PR is credible, that is tied to the company in the public consciousness as a positive? Public relations is more effective and above all credible than using classical marketing instruments. A track record clearly shows that the press work is credible. got always best reviews for their commitment. So, the Berlin-based PR Agency could initiate up to 100 reports per year for its national and international clients for their customers. Thus, the companies were present virtually every second working day in the press. That would have been unaffordable with conventional advertising. Best reviews and a concrete example from the past: For the premium fitness company Mook and the rebranding ELIXIA achieved a double-sided reporting with title page and a report in the ZDF morning magazine.

The company let them create a special and used the TV reportage for the presentation video. This is successfully used in the field, because he always underpinned the credibility from the perspective of knowledgeable and neutral third parties. Success and public relations strategy of the Success is as a result that the entire presswork of customer is assumed. So, the issues for the company can be traced in a timely manner. The company is thematically anchored in the minds of the editors by permanent media work. A successful PR Agency is moving in the area of culture and entertainment, but also innovation and social commitment.