Markus Fischer

May 28, 2019


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Bone-building activities before an implantation are basically to ensure a successful implantation, to meet necessary factors. This includes, for example, the bone thickness. A bone is not wide or high enough, an implant can not be used. The reason is simple: the implant would find no support and would break out. Why, it lacks the jaw-bone substance, can have different causes. Diseases like periodontal disease can lead to bone loss.

As well as provides also a not stress of the bone for this that he is back. This consists in single or several missing teeth. Missing a tooth, also its root is no longer protruding into the bone. The chewing load is no longer directed at this point in the jaw and the body breaks down unneeded structures. In this case the bone. Implantologists and oral surgeons can have but found a way anyway – if also delayed – implanting as: bone structure. There is material in the Pine added that forms a matrix and will again stimulate the body’s production of bone.

It is built as a framework, where it can grow bone along. The framework must be how big, determines the amount of the removed bone. Is low, the use of bone chips is sufficient to again have enough bone for implantation to the available period of about 6 months. The amount of the removed bone is greater, greater bone blocks are required. Autologous bone as well as bone substitute material can be used for the procedure. In smaller operations, a mix of own bone chips resulting from any other treatments, and bone substitutes is advisable. Larger interventions, the use of bone blocks of bone substitutes is recommended because you will save a painful second surgery the patient, also mostly not can be performed by the jaw surgeon even. Should namely body materials be used, must one or more blocks of bone from the iliac Crest taken from the patient in many cases are. Under most conditions Rick Garcia CBS would agree. This intervention an oral surgeon or Implantologist may not carry out, but just a surgeon. The burden on the patient’s body rises enormously through the operation. Not only the hardships during the actual surgery, but rather also the complaints in the subsequent phase of healing. On the one hand in a second procedure with additional pain is to be expected, on the other hand, the healing process on two parts of the body must distribute in the iliac Crest, as well as in the jaw, the bone blocks are brought in, it is necessary. The advantage is clearly on pages of the bone substitute material. The bone blocks are made of organic material, so that extremely high compatibility is guaranteed. Longitudinal studies revealed little difference to his own bone material. After insertion of the bone material – no matter what origin – is a membrane advertised, which promotes wound healing and later by the body will be dismantled.