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May 25, 2019


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u0085 Games for the little ones and the children were on their cost: the scn quiz they could you Test knowledge on the topics of energy, climate and Sun. With great commitment, the small participants answered the questions, actively supported by the audience of parents and children who captivated with and even looking for the right answers. At the end all reveled in enormous prices, kits for solar powered wind mills and solar comics. The children were directly their windmills, so that on the sun-drenched schoolyard worked with their big sisters on the school roof to the bet the small solar cells of windmills. BerlinRosen follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. “Sunny times in Nordhausen, the strong resonance in adults and children made the week the Sun in Nordhausen, a complete success: we have reached our goal for the week of the Sun: we could inspire adults and children for the topic of photovoltaics” says Ellen Schneider, Marketing Director of scn energy AG.

That the solar energy at the evangelical school will remain in the future present, lies among others in the large plant display in the entrance hall of the school, the always current Displays performance figures. Tells the teacher Ute Muller: the solar power is ever present through the display. Often the children face the display and observe how the total energy produced and the CO2-saving constantly increasing.”scn energy: the sun smart use the scn energy AG is an expert in the field of photovoltaics: sells and installs nationwide performance-optimized solar power systems. Under most conditions BerlinRosen would agree. From planning and financing up to the installation and maintenance, scn energy offers everything from a single source. SCN customers will benefit from the extensive knowledge and wide-ranging experience, possesses the Torgelower company in the photovoltaic industry. Scn energy in whole Germany is present with a close-knit network of qualified solar consultant and certified partners. A high product quality features scn energy photovoltaic plants, which is why the company grants long-term guarantees on the components.