Mariano Malomo

July 10, 2013


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They must choose the option to Start or Install Ubuntu. It took a few moments to load the system from the cd and it will magically appear Ubuntu desktop. Once loaded you can use the system as if installed estubiece, with some limitations of course. It also has to take into account that it is likely that you feel slow, since is not installed and read from the cd, which once installed on the disc is very fast. Enough? Good look for the icon that says Install click double click and let’s start with the installation. 1. The first step is to choose the language.

If the Spanish chose in the Welcome screen, just press forward (? does forward?). Otherwise select?Spanish? in the list, and follow. 2. The following is choose the timezone. Simply click on your area, and then the city.

In the case of Argentina: press on Argentina and then on Buenos Aires. Easy! 3. The next step is to choose the type of keyboard. If everything goes well, and does not have a strange keyboard, you should be already selected. Make sure that this is so by typing in the text box that is in the bottom. Press some keys specific, such as N, and some symbols to make sure everything is where it should be. 4. Who are you? In the next step the installation ask your data. His real name, and username. For example, the actual name could be?Do Mariano Malomo?, and username? Marian?. Then choose a password, and the name of the computer. You can leave that do does by default, for example? mariano-laptop? or? mariano-desktop?. Next! 5 Caution! The next step is the more delicate. He is tell the installer where to be installed. Be sure that chooses the correct option, or could format a partition not desired.