Manuel Flag

May 23, 2018


Comments Off on Manuel Flag

The PCNs guides in the direction of as they must be the activities in view of motivating the interest of the pupil for the literary text: It seems, therefore, necessary to motivate them it the reading of these books with activities that have for young an immediate purpose and not necessarily pertaining to school (for example, that the pupil if recognizes as reading, or that sees in this pleasure, that finds space to share its impressions of reading with the colleagues and the professors) and that they become necessary the practical ones of readings (PCNs, 2006, P. 70-71). That is, to place pleasant and necessary the reading as something and not as an obligation, an excuse to decide enfadonhos exercises as the reading fiches. The allotment of the reading made for the pupils between the same ones, the socialization of its ideas is very important, therefore it allows the reconstruction of reading from the ideas of the other For Martins, ' ' to approach literature, in view of the slight knowledge of intertextualidade, interdisciplinaridade, transversalidade and intersemiose is, without a doubt a basic premise so that the pupil develops a more critical understanding of the literary phenomenon, being this inserted one in practical social and culturais' ' (MARTINS, 2006, p.87). In this direction the author considers the analysis of the text taken off Poem of a notice of periodical, Manuel Flag, as example it professor to work the cited slight knowledge above. Proposals of this nature if justify for being challenging and to explore all the potentialities of underlying knowledge to the literary text, understanding it as a cultural, historical and social phenomenon, instrument politician capable to unmask the contradictions and conflicts of the reality. It is of this form that the literary text propitiates to the pupil the exercise of the reflection, the afinamento of the emotions and the capacity of adentrar in the problems of the life.