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June 29, 2017


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Industry initiative calls for radical change to the service economy, Nuremberg – In the country of the seller, smart people such as Steve Jobs, hosting services, products and design radically to the customer missing engineers and machine builders. In Germany, still the old thinking by industry romantics with a one-sided orientation to the mass production dominated. With this steam engines mentality we gamble away our opportunities”, said Bernhard Steimel, spokesman for the Voice days plus and the smart service initiative, at the mailingtage in Nuremberg. “It was but a warning sign, computer geniuses like Andreas von Bechtolsheim, their entrepreneurial skills from abroad only unfold: we need entrepreneurs who rebuilt our country to a sustainable service economy”, so Steimel, of the circle of supporters of smart presented service initiative in Nuremberg. These include entrepreneurs such as Thomas Dehler, Managing Director of value5. Smart service means for us: we must us a customer service trimmed on mass and frequency adopt a constricting and stationary structure. We need virtual dialogue Center with qualified professionals as advisors and not mediocrity.

We see ourselves as rule breakers in customer service”, explains Dehler. It will quickly develop time that the German decision makers to wake up and understand, what new needs are incredible at the end customer through social and mobile media. We need to learn completely new approaches in the service economy, attention, recognition and imitation. It is time for a change”, says Bjorn Behrendt, CEO of unless time to measure so Gerald Schreiber by defacto, finally the quality of customer contacts from the customer point of view. Even if the goal is to test self services and new technologies on practicality, we won’t come out communication without the human to-human. Here the relationship manager with mind and heart will be the winners and to study their effect at the customer, I consider to be very desirable,”explains Schreiber.