Managed Service Providers

March 18, 2018


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New Paessler billing tool: statements directly from PRTG network monitor generate Nuremberg, February 22, 2011 the network monitoring expert Paessler ( now offers as an extension of its network monitoring solution, PRTG network monitor in a customizable accounting tool. This allows managed service providers (MSPs) and data center operators to create detailed usage based invoices to their customers directly from PRTG. The respective network and resource utilization of the customer can be measured with PRTG sensors. The Paessler billing tool generates an invoice in PDF format directly from these results. It is now ready as freeware under the link tools/billingtool for free download.

Hosting companies and managed service providers (MSPs) not only to the monitoring of their networks, but also to measure the resource and bandwidth of their customers use PRTG. At the end of the month, this usage data is used for billing purposes. The PDF invoices directly from the PRTG users is now a tool available, Monitoring solution can generate. Due to a large demand from our customers, we created the PRTG billing tool. In the face of very different user requirements we have decided, to keep the freeware so flexible and adaptable as possible so that she can easily be adapted to the specific billing models in companies”, explains Dirk Paessler, CEO of Paessler AG. With the tool, we facilitate the work with our network monitoring solution service providers and data centers.

Consider for example for used disk space, caused traffic or the number of accesses automated individual customers or departments, invoices button directly from PRTG. The detour of a data export is therefore null and void.” The comprehensive network monitoring solution, PRTG is extended by the new Paessler billing tool to an efficient billing component, which seamlessly integrates into PRTG. The tool to be the relevant billing data directly via the application programming interface (API) built into PRTG query to the PRTG server and processed billing reports.