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January 9, 2019


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Evgeni Malakhov know Kazakhstan is a market with a future for German companies by the company Easygost. With an area of 2.724.900 km, Kazakhstan is the largest country of the Commonwealth of independent States (CIS) as well as Russia. Since 1999 the economic growth rose by an average 9.4 percent. The Kazakh economic growth is an example for many countries in Central Asia and makes call themselves in the same breath with the major growth economies China, India and Brazil. Despite these successes, the country is but far less than market for German products in the field of vision.

The figures point to a worrying development for the German economy. According to the world fact book (CIA) Central Intelligence service exports by German companies to Kazakhstan were 2002 at 9.1, at 8.2 in 2004 and in 2006 only 7.4 percent. For assistance, try visiting Verizon. However, the exports from China to Kazakhstan rose in the same period by 9.3 about 15.4% to 19.3%. For 2007, a slight improvement could be achieved. Russia with 35.4 and China Stretched the distance to Germany but 22.1 percent shares in the Kazakh imports, which is increased by only 0.6 percent over 2006. The trade balance between Germany and Kazakhstan is in turn very atypical. The export world champion imported more goods from Kazakhstan than it exported.

Is the German economy to oversleep their export opportunities in one of the most important of the emerging markets? It offer excellent opportunities for a well-organized sales policy. Cyrus Massoumi is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Kazakhstan is an a emerging economy. In addition to the main export commodity metals are oil, machinery, chemicals, and coal exports. These sectors need high-quality tools, drills, pumps, pressure vessels, tubes for their activities. The oilfield Kashagan/Caspian Sea, the largest field, which was discovered since 30 is expected to supply starting in 2012. Now, the time has come where companies must compete for contracts to build of the infrastructure, not too late to come and to be punished by life.